Netcore owned MyToday has launched two new premium (read charged) mobile value added services – MyToday Elite and Meemo. While the first is targeted at people who want unlimited access to MyToday’s SMS channels, Meemo is a new SMS-based mobile networking service with some bundling. Mobile users have to first add credits to their ‘MyToday Cash’ account and then pay for MyToday Elite and and MeeMo.

MyToday Elite

MyToday Elite costs Rs 20 plus any SMS charges the network operator takes every time you subscribe for a SMS channel. What this Rs. 20 per month ensures is that you receive the latest updates first and are not in queue. To register, users have to first SMS ‘MYTODAY’ to 09223050606 after which they receive a password. With the password and phone number as id, users can log into their account and choose a method to credit MyToday Cash with various online payment options.

MyToday Dailies is the free SMS update service. The company claims that users can subscribe to 60 SMS channels including the common ABC (Astrology, Bollywood & Cricket) for free updates.  Netcore claims that it delivers 350 million text messages each month and has over 11 million subscriptions across 50 channels.

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MeeMo is a social network that allows individual users and businesses to share updates, profiles, SMSs and emails with friends, family and business networks. Users also get to own a personal webpage with a “.cc” domain name, which appears to be the country code of Cocos (Keeling) Islands off Australia!! Crazy, but if you are looking for a domain name via an SMS social network, you obviously do not care what you get. Somewhere else on the Internet, it says .cc is used as an alternate to .com for commercial websites. Really?

MeeMo users are issued an email address, a group SMS and an e-mail to sms service. Business users get five email addresses.

The MeeMo basic service cost Rs. 300 with 1500 free SMS and Rs 50 with 250 free SMS per month for individuals and businesses business and individual users respectively. The premium service cost Rs 500 with 3000 SMS free for business users and individual users are charged Rs 100 and get 650 SMS free per month.

TRAI reported that India has 545.05 million mobile connections at the end of January 2010. In the month of January alone there were 19.90 million new wireless connections. Mobile internet is still not as popular as SMS among a large chunk of 500 million people that use mobile phones. Netcore seems to have understood the logistics. Competitors in the space include SMS GupShup, 160by2 and Way2SMS.

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