Exclusive: Netcore has acquired Ravience, a mobile marketing company based in Mumbai, founded by former Netcore exec Veer Bothra. The terms of the deal have not been disclosed, and following the acquisition, Bothra joins Netcore back as Chief Strategy Officer. With the acquisition, Netcore has expanded its offerings into the multi-modal mobile marketing business. Ravience helps brands analyse and optimise their campaigns better through its response management based product Responage. Speaking with MediaNama, Netcore CEO Girish Nair said that Ravience will help expand Netcore’s offerings beyond SMS, Voice and Email. “Responage also helps the fast creation of websites and follows it up with campaign management and also keep track of visitor management. That’s where the market is going,” Nair said. Ravience has GroupM as a client, and has created mobile websites for brands like Ford.

“Ravience is a service provider like an agency, but with a technology and solutions base. It’s not just an ideation company. Most agencies people are ideating and then executing through other infrastrcture companies,” Bothra told MediaNama. “Our platform has a closed loop – you start with media sales, the response is received and there are multiple things that you learn from the campaign, and build that into the next campaign stage. The advantage we have is that others will take time to build the technology, which gives Netcore some lead time.”

Bothra told MediaNama that he was looking for funding for the business, and not an acquisition, but as he began discussing alginment of work with Netcore, the opportunity in a deeper alignment became evident. “We were talking about models of engagement, that we continue doing product development but leverage netcores sales force. Once we started talking it made sense to merge. This is a service business, so it requires funds because you need need people in all the three areas – to continue product development, a sales force to capture the market quickly, and then a team to service the market”, Bothra said, adding that the acquisition will speed up things.