So we’re doing this experiment – we spoke with a few people in the advertising and marketing fraternity to get a sense of what the advertising rates are in the Indian market, for Cost per Click and Cost per Acquisition advertising, based on who is buying. Note that this is by no means a definitive number, but indicative. And this is for Internet Advertising

Here is how you can help us:

– If you know the rates are different, then please do share the number (anonymously, if you want) in the comments to this post.
– If there are rates what we might have not included, please do share with us.
– If there’s a widget that you can create for us, so we can crowdsource this data on a monthly or weekly basis, please contact nikhil@medianama. com. This could be a beginning of something interesting.

So, the rates, as we’ve got them:

– Insurance leads: CPL: Rs 80 to 150
– Daily Deals Sites: Rs 30 for general, Rs 30-Rs 45 for mobile verified leads (though mobile verified appear to have closed 27th September)
– Travel Flights CPA: Rs 100-300 for domestic flights, Rs 750 for International flights
– Job Sites CPA: IT, BFSI, Manufacturing: Rs 100-150
– Job Sites (any profiles) CPA: Rs 45-70
– E-Commerce CPA: Rs 600-2000(depending on product category)
– E-Commerce CPA for Electronics
– E-Commerce CPA for Apparel – Rs 600 onwards.
– Personal Loan CPA: Rs 100
– Home Loan CPA: Rs 130-170
– House/Flats CPL: Rs 200-250
– Credit Card CPA: Rs.100
– Matrimonials: Rs 125 – depends on number of fields. Full profile not less than 100-125.