Transactions spiked up 19.3% in July 2011 for the Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), which manages the online rail ticketing for the Indian Railways, and is probably the largest e-commerce player in the Indian market. It reported around 13.5 Million transactions, of which almost 76.74% were successful. July is towards the end of summer vacations in India, which probably explains the spike. Note that, once again, Cash Cards accounted for the highest percentage of successful transactions among payment gateways, although they only accounted for 10.21% of total transactions.

Incidentally, every time we log on to, the much hyped IRCTC competitor from CRIS, we find that “E-ticketing facility has been temporarily stopped on this website”. So much for that.

Our analysis of various payment gateways:

Payment Gateway Specific Information:

SBI Debit Card: Accounted for 12.23 % of total transactions, and 10.18% of total successful transactions

ICICI Payment Gateway: Accounted for 9.33% of total transactions, and 9.46% of total successful transactions

Citibank: 5.50% of total transactions, 4.86% of total successful transactions, and a 67.73% success rate

HDFC: 6.37% of total transactions, 5.88% of total successful transactions, and a 70.78% success rate

Itz Cash Card: 5.78% of total transactions, 6.97% of total successful transactions, and a 92.57% success rate.
I Cash Card: 2.94 % of total transactions, 3.57% of total successful transactions, and a 93.21 % success rate.
Oxicash: 0.12% of total transactions, 0.12% of total successful transactions, and a 73.28 % success rate.

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