logo-gamekhelWhat was previously known as Indiatimes Gaming, has now been relaunched as Gamekhel (translated: gameplay). The site essentially features flash based games that are free to play and, strangely enough, don’t even require registration; won’t registrations help in collecting user and usage data for ad sales?

An Indiatimes spokesperson told MediaNama that the problem with sign-ins is that it usually sends user away. The new site was launched because they had new content coming in, from content partners like Ultmate Arcade, Fitbrains and through MochiMedia, among others. The plan now is to also launch a game download section, and look at paid downloads for monetization. The company will also look at in-game advertising. At present, there are no ads in the games, and most of the ads that load prior to the game being launched, are internal Indiatimes ads.

In-game item sales is also a part of the plan, the spokesperson said, and Indiatimes has inked a deal with a Massively Multiplayer Online Game publisher for 10-15 games. He declined to name the MMOG partner, though. Indiatimes Gaming used to deploy MMOGs have games from Level Up; the spokesperson said that the deal with Level Up was for “one-odd game”, and they will continue to work with them in the future. A fantasy Cricket product will also be launched.

So it’s Flash based games, paid downloads, in game advertising and item sales…if you ask me, this entire plan sounds incredibly Zapak-like. Has it worked for Zapak? In terms of usage, it probably has, but in-game item sales will be restricted by low propensity to use digital payment solutions and the scale that the game can reach in terms of users in India.