Representatives of Amazon and Twitter are scheduled to depose before of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on October 28. Google and Paytm are scheduled to depose before the committee a day after that. Representatives of Twitter are set to depose at 11 am, while Amazon’s representatives are scheduled for 3 pm.

This is after multiple media reports had emerged last week claiming that Amazon had refused to depose before committee. Amazon later clarified that it had not refused to appear before the committee, but that its experts were unable to travel from overseas due to travel restrictions. We have reached out to Amazon to understand if its representatives would be able to depose on October 28.

“We have the utmost respect and regard for the important work being done by the JPC on the PDP Bill and have already offered our written submissions for consideration of this august Committee. We will continue to engage in any way the JPC considers fit. The inability of our experts to travel from overseas due to travel restriction and depose before the JPC during the ongoing pandemic may have been mis construed [sic] and led to a misunderstanding and we will work with the JPC to set the record straight”, Amazon said last week, following reports that it had refused to depose.

Meetings with the committee have been delayed before owing to the pandemic. Facebook was earlier supposed to depose on August 10 but its experts could not reach India because of travel restrictions. Despite that, Facebook India officials finally deposed before the Joint Parliamentary Committee on October 23. Multiple media outlets reported that Facebook India head Ajit Mohan and its beleaguered Public Policy Director Ankhi Das represented the social media platform in a two-hour long meeting.