Advocate and BJP leader Ashwini Upadhyay filed two petitions in the Delhi High Court on July 15 seeking to link Aadhaar with election identity cards to curb bogus voting and with movable and immovable property documents to curb corruption, per reports.

Linkage with Voter IDs, and e-voting system: Upadhyay has proposed implementation of “Aadhaar based election voting system” wherein the Election Commission of India (ECI) will link election identity cards with Aadhaar numbers to eliminate bogus voting and vote duplicity. He proposed that the “e-voting system” use fingerprint and face biometrics. He expects this data base to be updated before every election. He claimed to approached the court after receiving no response from ECI.

Linkage with property documents: In a separate petition, Upadhyay petitioned the Delhi HC to direct the Centre and Delhi government to link documents of movable and immovable property with the owner’s Aadhaar number to curb corruption, black money generation, and benami transactions. Upadhyay said that this strategy will allow tax authorities to get details of “legal owners” immediately and once the Aadhaar linking happens, tax authorities can approach them.

Upadhyay: The PIL Man

Upadhyay has a long history of filing PILs to the extent that in November 2018, the Supreme Court reprimanded him for filing “meaningless” PILs and warned that he might be banned from filing PILs in the future. He had filed 50 PILs in 5 years.

  • In April 2019, he filed filed a PIL in the Supreme Court asking the government to ascertain the feasibility of linking Aadhaar with social media accounts to curb fake news. Alternatively, the petition said, the government could take steps to deactivate bogus accounts.


Edit: The headline of this report has been updated.