EV hiccups

Uber hit ‘last mile issues’ with its Mahindra & Mahindra partnership to roll out electric vehicles in Delhi, and Hyderabad, Pradeep Parameswaran, Uber’s president for India and south Asia said at a press conference, reports TechCircle. Parameswaran added that the electric vehicles will be rolled out on its platform in a few months, after a delay of at least 6 months.

Two-way phone number masking (yet again)

Here we go once again! Uber says that it will launch a two-way phone masking system for drivers and users (soon). This way, neither can see each other’s mobile numbers.

In the report, Parameswaran mentions that this has been “one of the demands from riders and drivers.” One would think that this is a no brainer, that you wouldn’t actually need a demand from your customers to execute this feature. Just read this: What happens when a taxi app driver tracks you down later. This won’t be the first, nor the last time a woman reports sexual harassment from cab drivers, be it Uber, Ola or regular taxis.  

This is also a funny current “development” since those of us with an above-average memory (with respect to Uber, anyway) would remember that Uber had actually launched this in India in 2015. At the time, Uber said that it had tested the technology with ‘hundreds of drivers’ in different cities, and planned to roll this out in the country ‘soon.’ It worked for a while till it did not.

Other India developments

  • Uber has launched a new app for drivers which works in low network areas and is accessible in multiple languages.
  • Uber has been live testing ExpressPOOL in a few cities — ExpressPOOL was first launched in early July in India. Meanwhile, India is Uber’s largest POOL market globally.
  • Uber will look at all modes of transport including waterways.

New HR head

Nikki Krishnamurthy will now head Uber’s global human resources. Krishnamurthy replaces Liane Hornsey, who apparently resigned from the company in July after internal whistleblowers alleged that she dismissed racial discrimination complaints amongst other issues.

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