Amazon Echo can now control home cameras by EZVIZ and D-Link in India. These devices, which are essentially inside-the-home CCTV cameras with a WiFi connection, will now ship with support for Amazon Echo smart speakers, essentially letting themselves be controlled by voice commands. “All EZVIZ customers need to do is simply say, ‘Alexa, show me the camera in the living room,’ and the feed from an Internet-connected camera will send the video to the Echo Show,” EZVIZ said when the integration rolled out in the US last year.

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Smart remotes and TVs

Smart remotes, like the ones sold by Oakter, essentially come with an Infrared blaster that make them compatible with most remote-controlled devices. The Echo is now able to control such smart remotes by voice too.

Aside from this, some Sony TVs will be controllable via voice, after being linked to an Alexa speaker. Commands can make the TV change the channel, input method, and volume, among other things.

Amazon is also partnering with hotels to push the Echo. The Park Inn by Radisson hotel in Delhi has launched ‘smart hotel rooms’ that have an Echo Dot in them, with which guests can control the lights, the in-room TV, and call for room service.