Uber has announced completing 500 million trips in India in 4 years. Some India data from their announcement:

  • Riders: over 5 million weekly active riders. Rider with highest number of trips is from Chennai, with 3485 trips. 142,865 riders from Canada and 369,003 from the US used Uber in India in the last year.
  • Trips: 500 million trips in India in 4 years. It had completed 5 billion trips globally in June, and India is the second largest contributor, in terms of number of trips, for the company. Note that Uber did 5.5 million completed trips a week by end of August 2016, and 150,000 a week in January 2015. No updated data is available.
  • Growth: Number of trips and revenue grew 2.5x YoY, as of June 2017. It says it had double digit growth during this period.
  • Cities: in 29 cities in India
  • UberPool
    • is in 6 cities: Delhi Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and Pune
    • 25% of rides are UberPool rides, but no numbers on how many rides. Same percentage for June 2016, when it had 50,000 UberPool rides a week, and was only in Delhi and Mumbai.

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  • India first initiatives include “uberDOST, Emergency Button, Cash and Dial an Uber”.


  • Drivers: 450,000 registered driver “partners” (if you believe that they’re not employees). In August 2015, it had 150,000. Remember that as of August 2015, Ola, Uber and Meru had around 370,000 drivers/cars on the road. Note that there might be double or even triple counting, since drivers work with multiple aggregators. A driver from Chandigarh did the highest number of trips, with 12,574; one from Chennai did 12,354 trips.
  • Non drivers: Uber has team of over 1000 people in India (if you exclude drivers).
  • Engineers: 100 engineers in Bangalore and Hyderabad. The Engineering center in Bangalore was launched in January 2016.
  • Customer support: 400 people in Hyderabad.

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