Whatsapp users in India use the video calling feature for a total of 50 million minutes per day, the highest aggregate usage in the world, according to the company. Globally Whatsapp has recorded over 340 million video calling minutes per day, spread across 55 million video calls made each day. Whatsapp had launched video calling feature in November last year. The Facebook-owned messaging app competes with Google’s Duo, Apple’s FaceTime, Microsoft’s Skype, Facebook’s Messenger, and  messaging app Hike.

Calculations (Nikhil adds)

Some calculations based on Whatsapp disclosures, made earlier today:

  • 50 million video calling minutes per day in India, across 200 million monthly active Whatsapp users (for Feb 2017), would amount to around 7.5 minutes per user per month, or 15 seconds per day per user (assuming everyone is active every day). Clearly video calling hasn’t reached census levels for Whatsapp. Audio calling data would probably be more interesting.
  • 340 million video calling minutes per day globally, across 55 million video calls per day, means around an average of 6 minutes and 11 seconds per call. That’s a fairly long time-span for a video call, and a lot of data consumption.

Note that Whatsapp hasn’t released data for number of video calls made per day in India. Wonder why. Also, it would be interesting to compare this data with Google Duo and Hike Messenger.


Recent developments at Whatsapp

In February this year, Whatsapp launched a story like feature to replace statuses. In March, the company reintroduced the Status option, and currently the app supports both the features.  Whatsapp is also testing a system that lets businesses to directly communicate with Whatsapp users. In April this year, The Ken reported that Whatsapp is looking to enter payments business in India and working on launching a peer-to-peer payments offering in the next six months.