The Tamil Nadu Government has launched Arasu Fibre, an initiative to provide Internet services to all households through the Tail Nadu Arasu Cable TV Corporation (TACTV), reports the New Indian Express.

As of now, TACTV mentions that it has rolled out services to 1,100 customers in the State in the last 15 days, for free on an experimental basis. The agency said that it can extend the service to 15,000 customers immediately, and within 3 months, with a centralised networking Operation Centre in Chennai, the number can increase to 50,000.

The agency charges users for installation of the router and modem etc., even for signing up for the free experimental trial. Outside of this, the service will charge Rs 299 per month for a 2mbps connection with a 2GB monthly FUP limit, incrementally increasing the prices for more data or faster connections. The most expensive plans costs Rs 899 per month for a 4mbps connection with a 40GB monthly limit.

Other than for the basic Rs 299 plans, users can pay for an additional 5GB or 10GB data a nominal cost of Rs 99 and Rs 149 respectively. Interestingly, TACTV mentions that it has tied up with Vodafone as the service provider for its service. To enquire and register for the program, users can call the toll-free number 18004252911.

Note that the Tamil Nadu Government had said it would provide internet services through Arasu Cable in September last year. At the time it said that it would implement BharatNet linking over 12,500 local rural bodies in the state, with an investment of Rs 3,000 crore ($451 million). TACTV has received an ISP license from the Union IT Ministry, and signed a pact with Indian RailTel to provide high speed broadband services.

National optical fiber network: The NOFN project was piloted in Kerala’s Idukki district by union minister for communications and IT Ravi Shankar Prasad in January last year. The state claimed to have completed the project by connecting all villages in the state under the project last week.

Startup warehouse: Earlier this week, the Tamil Nadu Government and IT industry lobby group Nasscom set up a startup warehouse in Chennai, the first in the state. The warehouse is located on a 8000 sq.ft plot, and can house up to 50 startups at a time.