According to’s Job Speak Index, an indicator of job listings on the portal, hiring activity in the IT-software and telecom sectors has grown by 17% and 6% year-on-year (YoY) respectively, by December 2015. The overall hiring activity on the portal grew by 18% YoY.

On a month-on-month (MoM) basis, the Job Speak Index for the telecom sector increased from 822 in January to 925 in February, while overall hiring was up from 1748 in January to 1937 in February. The IT-software sector on the other hand grew from 2393 in January to 2812 in February on a MoM basis. Note that the index uses the total number of jobs posted in July 2008 scaled to 1000 as a base, and was realigned in December 2014, to take into account the jobs added by the tele sales team. Although the tele-calling data is relatively small, according to Naukri, the addition of the same to the index gives a more holistic picture of the Indian job market.

Sector wise: According to the report, the Pharma and Biotech sector saw the highest growth in hiring activity YoY at 12%, while Automobiles and Telecom sector jobs saw a growth of 7% and 6% respectively. Reals Estate also saw a Y-o-Y growth of 6%, while FMCG recorded a growth of 29%. On the other hand, Construction and IT-Hardware hiring was down by 11% and 22% respectively.

Increasing demand for managerial, marketing and accounting roles: According to the report, demand for top managerial professionals witnessed a considerable 51% Y-o-Y growth; while demand for marketing and accounts professionals saw a 39% and 27% increase Y-o-Y, respectively. Additionally, banking professionals also recorded a 15% Y-oY growth in their jobs in the Feb ‘16 index. However, demand for project management professionals continued to decline with a 16% decrease in the same period.

City wise: All metro cities registered a growth in hiring activity during Feb 2016 when compared to last year, during the same period, with the maximum growth recorded in Mumbai peaking at 24%. Delhi/NCR and Bangalore, saw a significant growth in hiring as well at 23% and 22% respectively. Kolkata also saw a 21% growth in hiring activity, while Hyderabad, Pune and Chennai witnessed a 15%, 13% and 12% growth respectively.

Experience: During Feb 2016 hiring activity revived across all experience levels with Professional level jobs across all experience levels witnessing a 20% Y-o-Y increase, added the report.

25% of the jobs accounted for people with 0-3 years of experience, while 20% of the jobs accounted for people with 4-7 years. While, 13% of the jobs accounted for people with 8-12 years of experience, and 8% of the jobs accounted for people with 13-16 years of experience. Only 5% of the jobs accounted for people with more than 16 years of experience.

Image source: GotCredit under CCBY license.