Online event and ticketing platform Explara has now gone social and now has an discovery solution which lets users follow topics of their interest, location and their social connections. Users can now personalize by following topics of their interest such as Startup, Marathon, Comedy, Professional Networking, Hiking, Software and 100 such topics.

Explara’s new design will allow users to pick three topics they are interested and quickly see follow the topic for notification. As of now, the company says that the notifications will be on email and will soon be followed by mobile and that it will enable Facebook’s open graph to help users to leverage their social connections for event discovery. Users will also have the option to keep their profile private/ public. Events on Explara now have a ‘Topic” associated. Each of these topics has their own page such as for startups, marathons among others.

Earlier in June, Explara inked local partnerships in five countries including Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK & USA to extend its platform to these countries. The company has also opened up its platform for event organizers across the rest of the world. Explara claims that it also now supports 23 currencies and will facilitate direct payment processing in countries through local partners and Paypal.

The company also launched a point-of-sale app which allows event organizers to sell tickets or raise donations from their mobile phones. Organizers can start using the app by logging in with their Explara credentials and selecting the event for which they intend to sell the tickets. It allows users to register for the service with requisite details like name, email address and phone number. The app also lets organizers to add multiple sales staff, agencies and partners by creating member staff accounts, so that they can start selling tickets from their own devices.