jadoo-plusUS-based online video platform JadooTV has denied allegations of piracy brought against it, and has declared its intentions to defend its position and take legal action against the companies alleging it of doing so. Earlier this year, in June a group of people from Hyderabad were arrested for live streaming satellite TV content through the Jadoo TV platform.

JadooTV said it legally licenses content from several content providers and offers it to viewers as part of its JadooPLUS service, adding that the myJadoo platform consists of user-generated content, which JadooTV has no control over. The company says that it complies with legitimate takedown requests from content owners, as per the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Note that the DMCA is a US law and isn’t applicable in India, although the IT Rules might be applicable in this case.

Jadoo TV has said it has hired the services of a top law firm to defend its position and take action against companies or individuals accusing it of piracy.

JadooTV essentially sells set-top boxes for TVs and offers content for free via an ad supported model. The set-top box streams content via the Internet from channels like 9XM, Aaj Tak and Zoom in India, among others. The company also claims to have ‘thousands’ of movies along with over 250,000+ hours of content on demand. It also offers its service via a self-branded Android tablet called Jadoo Tab.

The Hyderabad raid

The company partners with several TV channels in the aforementioned countries and the content streamed is completely legal. However some alleged members of the Pearl Media Group, a partner in providing content since 2012, were arrested on charges of piracy after streaming channels illegally.

The group in question was arrested on a complaint by Maa TV Network’s Manager-Distribution Krishna Kumar on 29th June this year. Operating from an apartment rented to ‘M/S Pearl Technology’ the group would subscribe for DTH TV connections and convert the signal for streaming through JadooTV.

Interestingly, Pearl Media Group Ltd along with JadooTV Inc and Altair Technologies Pvt. Ltd were acquired in March this year by CloudStream Media Inc. Before the acquisition, Pearl Media Group Ltd would have been seen as a third party content provider on JadooTV, now however the liability rests with CloudStream Media.

Legitimacy of JadooTV service: There was a question mark over the legitimacy of live TV streams on JadooTV. In fact, when we had first written about the service in 2012 a strange notice at the bottom of the website had raised concerns. The notice read: “JadooTV is not responsible for the content and does not guarantee nor claims any rights to the content. JadooTV is providing the streams of all the channels as they are available on the internet.” Also, the Terms of Use Agreement & Copyrights sections on the JadooTV website has no mention about JadooPlus.

Aereo case: In June 2014, the US Supreme Court had a passed a verdict against Internet TV service Aereo, stating that the service breaches the broadcasters copyright. The verdict equated Aereo’s service to that of a cable company that streams content without a license. Aereo’s services are on hold at the moment, and the case has returned to the lower court.