Tweeplay Logo

(By NT Balanarayan & Vikas SN)

Starsports has tied up with TenTenTen Digital Products to launch a instant replay service called Tweeplay on Twitter for the last few matches of Indian Premier League (IPL). This feature will be available starting with the playoffs right up to the final on June 1, 2014.

It’s currently not clear as to how this service will work since it is yet to go live. Star Sports’s Tweeplay microsite however suggests that users can send a tweet in the format “@starsportsindia #starsportstweeplay Player Event.” to receive the video replay.

For instance, users can tweet  “@StarSportsIndia #StarSportsTweeplay six.” to view the replay of the last six or “@StarSportsIndia #StarSportsTweeplay Dhoni Catch” to view the replay of the last catch by Dhoni. Some of the other keywords include four, wicket, dismissal, bowled, catch, and runout among others. You can view the full list here.

This video can apparently be played from Twitter itself, probably by using Twitter’s cards feature. However, its currently not clear whether Star Sports is using its own video service or any third party video sharing service like YouTube, Instagram or Vine for this initiative. The duration of these videos are also not clear but we believe these will be short Vine-like videos, since its being positioned as an instant replay service.

While the concept seems good, we feel the execution can be quite tricky. There is a possibility that there would be a mismatch between what the user was intending to see and the actual video he receives, since these matches are quite fast-paced.

Last month, SET Max’s match analysis show Extraaa Innings had also started a Tweet to unlock initiative, allowing users to send tweets to view exclusive IPL content. It was also using Twitter’s video app Vine to upload short real-time clips on the making of the show.