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Are you a developer, designer, or manager within a startup, company, organization or enterprise in India?

Does your team develop mobile apps or have mobile app products of your own?

If you answered yes to both, contribute to industry and policy research by completing a simple
online survey.

Brought to you by the Centre for Internet & Society (CIS) and HasGeek, the survey seeks to to collect information on the different legal and market practices across mobile app-developing firms in India. For the first time, this survey will perhaps be able to provide a comprehensive overview of the mobile app industry within India—an ever increasing sector that is not only confined to India, but whose clients, consumers, and competitors broaden the playing field across jurisdictions, while introducing a series of international complexities.

What portion of India’s developers are commissioned by clients? Or create their own products? What issues do startups face related to one’s IP? What about more established firms?

In asking questions related to ownership, licensing, contracts, and protection of one’s work, as well as business models, community involvement, and use of works created by others, we hope that this research exercise will throw light on how the industry sees these questions, and ultimately, will inform policy research to determine what changes are required in laws affecting the mobile app industry.

Time to complete:      15 mins

Survey deadline:        Tues, April 29, 2014

Take the survey here and contribute to policy research for India’s mobile app ecosystem.

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