The Adani Group is planning to take action against Twitter over a fake account in the name of its founder, Gautam Adani, that is allegedly posting messages against Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal, reports PTI.

Adani Enterprises Ltd’s Associate General Manager, Roy Paul  said in a statement that someone has created a fake Twitter account @gautammadani which uses the photograph of Gautam Adani. This account also allegedly posted objectionable and inappropriate tweets, because of which the the company is planning to take action. The alleged fake account and tweets seems to have been deleted when we checked, but it’s not clear if it was done by Twitter or by the person handling the account. That being the case it is not clear if the company will still pursue this case.

In the statement, the group also clarified that Adani’s official Twitter handle is @gautam_adani, but this account does not have any tweets, no display picture and has only 52 followers.

Twitter’s policy on fake accounts: This is not the first time fake accounts have caused problems for Twitter in India. The government of India had asked to ban fake accounts of @PMOIndia in 2012. Twitter’s operating code however allows for parody accounts to be allowed as long as such accounts clearly identify as parody. In case of Adani’s account it doesn’t sounds like there was such a clear disclaimer.

In India Twitter received 2 removal requests through court orders and 6 removal requests from government or police authorities that specified 54 user accounts in the second half of 2013. It said in its Transparency Report that it complied with 13% of these requests. In the first half of 2013, Twitter received one removal requests each from court and government agency and three tweets were withheld.

The number of requests from India has increased a lot in percentage terms but it’s still small compared to the takedown requests Google received. However, Twitter is becoming more influential for political debate and with elections just around the corner, these numbers are bound to go up.