India’s broadband connection base increased by 0.35% to 15.05 million at the end of March 2013, from 15 million at the end of February, according to the Indian Telecom regulator TRAI. Its worth noting that India’s target for 2010 was 20 million broadband connections, and we optimistically hope that it will be reached before 2015.

Broadband Market share

The total number of mobile connections in the country (including multi-SIM and inactive connections) increased to 867.80 million in March, and the active mobile connection base increased: 722.96 million mobile connections in India – around 83.31% of total – are active. Don’t confuse this with mobile users though, since it includes multi-SIM users.

Active Telcos March 2013

Active User Base of Telecom Operators

The Active connection data represents peak VLR (Visitor Location Register) data for the month, and excludes the CDMA VLR data for BSNL, which the telecom operator has not provided. Some stats:

– There were 722.96 million active connection in the month of March.
– Idea has 98.86% of its connections active – the maximum among all the operators.
– Vodafone has the second highest active connection base of 95.61%, followed by Airtel at 95.00%.

In terms of the number of active connections, Airtel leads with 178.78 million connections followed by Vodafone at 145.66 million connections.

Telcos March 2013

Service Provider wise net March 2013

Mobile Operator Leaderboard For March 2013:

– RCOM added 3.02 million connections, taking its connection base to 122.97 million.
– Vodafone added 2.46 million connections, taking its connection base to 152.35 million.
– Idea added 2.31 million connections, taking its connection base to 121.60 million.
– Bharti Airtel added 1.57 million connections, taking its connection base to 188.19 million.

Circles March 2013

– In terms of active connections, Maharashtra leads with 88.70% active connections, followed by Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and J & K. Tamil Nadu has just 72.88% active connections, the lowest among all circles.

– UP (East) has the most number of connections, with 73,824,150 connections. Tamil Nadu is second with 72,412,392 connections and Maharashtra is third, with 68,400,365 connections.

– Bharti Airtel holds the maximum percentage market share of wireless connections at 21.69%, followed by Vodafone at 17.56%, Reliance at 14.17%, Idea at 14.01% and BSNL at 11.66%.

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February 2013: India Has 15M Broadband Connections; 712.5M Active Mobile Connections
– January 2013: India Has 15.01M Broadband Connections; 708.04M Active Mobile Conections
– Dec 2012: India’s Mobile Base Down 25.8M; Active Base Down 5.6M
– November 2012: Total 707.31M Active Mobile Base In India ; 14.88M Broadband
– October 2012: Total 703.94M Active Mobile Base In India ; 14.81M Broadband
– Total 699.00M Active Mobile Base In India, End September 2012; 15.08M Broadband; Airtel, Vodafone & Idea Lose Subscribers
– Total 701.88M Active Mobile Base In India, End August 2012; 14.82M Broadband; Uninor, Airtel, Idea & Vodafone Lose Subscribers