The number of wireline subscribers in India stood at 31.08 million wireline subscribers at the end of September 2012, a minor dip from 31.43 million subscribers reported at the end of June 2012.

The rural wireline subscriber base stood at 8.02 million subscribers as of September 2012, a 11.48% growth from 7.10 million in September 2011 while the urban wireline subscription stood at 23.99 million as of September 2012, a 5.17% decline from 25.30 million in September 2011.

In comparison, the total wireless (GSM + CDMA) subscriber stood at 906.62 million at the end of September 2012, down 2.94% from 934.09 million subscribers in June 2012.

Wireline Subscriptions as of September 2012


Wireless Subscribers as of Sep 30, 2012

Wireless Teledensity 

The Wireline teledensity stood at 2.55 as of September 2012, registering 7.88% negative growth year-on-year (YoY) from 2.77 in September 2011, while the wireless teledensity stood at 74.49 as of September 2012, registering 2.45% positive growth YoY from 72.70 in September 2011.

The overall teledensity stood at 77.04 as of September 2012, recording a 2.07% positive growth YoY from 75.48 in September 2011.



Data Source: TRAI 

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