has reported that 80% of the mobiles sold on the website were priced below Rs 5,000 and 95% of the tablets sold were below Rs 10,000. Between feature phone and smartphone, smartphones accounted for 23% of the online marketshare on Snapdeal. The top 5 mobile phone brands are Micromax, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and HTC.

Tablets: In the low price, less than Rs 10,000, tablet range, Micromax accounted for 40% of the market share on the website. Whereas, Apple’s iPad remains the highest selling tablet in the tablets with more than Rs 10,000 price range. Tablets also accounted for a 33 percent month-on-month growth rate, outpacing the growth in mobiles by three times. Android is the most preferred OS in Tablets with a market share of 94%.

Snapdeal has released the insights based on the sales and traffic seen on over a period of three months (July 2012 – September 2012). Some data shared below by Snapdeal:

– Samsung’s Galaxy range was the most searched term on the website.

-Almost 50% of the sales of Mobiles and Tablets came from consumers’ residing in Tier-I cities.

– Growth in Tablets market outpaced the growth in Mobiles market by 3 times with Tablets sales growing at the rate of 33% month-on-month as compared to Mobiles sales growth at 11% month-on-month

– Symbian (46%) and Android (44%) were the most preferred operation systems in mobile phones, followed by BlackBerry (7%).

– Sale of multi-SIM handsets grew more than three times.

– The sale of mobile phones with cameras grew by a 100% while that of mobile phones without cameras dropped by 32%. Sale of phones with 8 megapixel or higher camera more than tripled.