Sify Technologies Limited has launched a social reader app on Facebook that allows users to discover and read content on through Facebook.

Features: The app allows users to read content that’s available on the portal. It also allows users to discover what their friends are reading from, provided they are also using the app. Users can also connect and share news, expert opinions or photo galleries with their friends without having to leave their Facebook page.

The app also takes care of privacy settings – in case a user does not want to share what he is reading, he can turn off social reading from within the app, and the app won’t share the content read with their friends. The app also features Most Popular, Most Commented and Most recommended stories within the app. In case, a user’s friend also uses the app, the stories for most popular, commented and recommended are pulled from their social circle, else they are pulled from overall Sify Social reader data. Users can also comment on stories from their Facebook IDs. Facebook users can access the Sify Social Reader from –

Facebook launched social readers with friction-less sharing that enabled third party publishers to allow users to easily read and share content from within Facebook without having to visit a third-party site.  However, it faced backslash from users for social reader’s auto-sharing feature as many of them ended up sharing content that they didn’t intend share with their network.

In May 2012, Facebook introduced a 10 second rule where users need read/watch the content for at least 10 seconds for Facebook to auto-share it on its platform. While many of the social reader apps do not offer complete control to users on what could be shared, Sify’s social reader app allows users to completely switch ON/OFF sharing of articles read with their network.

In May 2012, NDTV released a social news reader with integration to Facebook’s Timeline feature, allowing readers to share NDTV content (text, photos and videos) on their timelines. Apart from that, Pune based company Juhu Labs, had launched JuhuLive, a social news reader for Facebook, at SXSW in Austin (Texas, USA). The app allows users to read news across various genres like Politics, Business, Sports, Entertainment, based on their interests, location and likes on Facebook. It also allows users to share stories and browse through stories shared by their friends via the Facebook Ticker, News Feed, and Timeline. Times of India also has its own Facebook social reader app.

It should be also noted that, Washington Post, which was the first publication to go live with friction-less sharing, had reported a steady decline in its readership. Although Washington Post’s engagement producer had later attributed it to evolving Facebook modules like trending articles which displays only one article at a time and is often buried down in the Facebook’s news feed. While many international players have displayed decline in readership for Facebook’s social reader app, it would be interesting to see how local players perform on Facebook.