Corrigendum below

Earlier: Online music streaming on, the website of the FM radio channel owned by Next MediaWorks and BBC Worldwide, appears to have been halted because, the website claims, there has been a delay in the receipt of Internet licenses from the PPL and Hungama. A notice on the RadioOne website states “Streaming held up due to delay of online licenses from PPL and Hungama”. Check the pages for Delhi and Mumbai stations.

We’ve contacted Hungama and IMI (Indian Music Industry) for clarifications on what is holding up the issuance of Internet Licenses, but note that this delay could also be due to commercial considerations.

Remember that the Indian music industry followed a carrot and stick policy – they shut down 104 online music streaming websites, and then began offering websites Internet Licenses for streaming music. Now Radio One was not in that list, but if legit websites are having issues with getting an Internet License, then we wonder what’s going on. We were under the impression that the idea here was to monetize online music streaming.

Also note that there is lack of transparency here – the IMI had refused to disclose rates it is charging for online licenses when we asked them.

Next MediaWorks also has IndiaOne music streaming applications for the iPad and iPhone, as well as the Blackberry.

We’ll update with more when we have details.

Corrigendum: This article incorrectly mentioned that Radio City has been contacted. They hadn’t. Our apologies for the error.