Save and Search is a sort of bookmarking service from Indore based Walkover Web Solutions, which allows users to save texts or links and search through them whenever needed. The service, which is currently in Beta, allows users to save content publicly and privately, allowing them to save (using text boxes), anything from email ids, addresses, documents, links, etc. Publicly saved content can be searched even without signing in, and even to save content, users need not sign up: searches saved via email ids will be public by default.

In order to save and search content privately, one needs to sign in. Users can sign up with Facebook Connect, as well as with a Google account. The service also sends an email alert on each saved info. The service also integrates social sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

Our Take

We did find the homepage a little confusing, though, because the way the ‘save’ input box resembles a search box: a few of us who tried it initially instinctively thought it was for searching, not saving.

We noticed that there’s no word limit for saved searches, for instance, when we saved the entire review post, and searched for, the response was fairly quick.

Do we really need it?

There are various other bookmarking services online: delicious was among the first available on the web, but what works for Save & Search is that it allows users to search through saved information and does it effectively. One can use it as a read it later service, address/contact book or anything that serves their imagination. But for them to be relevant, Save & Search needs to come up with a browser plugin or a bookmarklet, that will let users bookmark a link or save highlighted content with just one click.

Presently, the site requires users to take an extra step to visit the site just to save content. They might visit the site to search, but to save content Save & Search should offer a different trick. Apart from that, Save & Search does not have any mobile strategy as of yet. Its competitors; ReaditlaterReadability, Instapaper, Delicious, etc have its own mobile apps on mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

Currently due to lack of public content, the site didn’t serve results for a lot of searches. However, if the site gains popularity, it has the potential to become a search engine with quality results as most of the content provided will be submitted by users, but yet it risks being another spammers paradise.


Save & Search can  allow people to make curated lists of their saved searches. And since the database of public saves is available publicly, making use of tags like Delicious would also be a good idea.