Corrigendum: This report previously incorrectly stated that the Bridge DataRoam plan had a fair usage policy, and a “bizarre” policy under which accounts could be cancelled for excessive volume”.  The Bridge Alliance terms and conditions we had referenced were for the Bridge AsiaRoam plan, and not Bridge DataRoam, and the error is regretted, and our apologies.

Airtel informs us that there is no fair usage policy on this plan. However, at the time of writing this post, there are no terms and conditions available for the 1-day Bridge DataRoam Unlimited: The Bridge DataRoam site has also not updated its terms and conditions for the unlimited plan, so we’re not sure of the applicable terms. The Bridge Alliance asks customers to check with their local Bridge Alliance Operator :  “Please check with your local Bridge Alliance operator member for current pricing in local currency, product availability, service coverage and terms and conditions.”


Earlier today: Bharti Airtel has launched 1-day Bridge DataRoam, a new international data roaming plan for its postpaid mobile subscribers, which allows customers unlimited data usage within the Asia Pacific region for a fee of Rs 500 per day.

This appears to be a good move specially for frequent travelers, since International roaming is extremely expensive and operators bill users per megabyte of usage. There are companies which offer data services through country specific SIM cards, in most cases, the cost turns out to be higher, with the user losing the convenience of using his own number. Most WiFi hotspots charge by the hour. So unlimited access to the internet for $10 a day seems to be an economical option.

Bridge DataRoam offers unlimited data access across 11 Bridge Alliance member operator networks namely AIS (Thailand), CSL (Hong Kong), Globe Telecom (Philippines), Maxis (Malaysia), SK Telecom (Korea), SingTel Mobile (Singapore), Telkomsel (Indonesia), CTM (Macau), and Taiwan Mobile (Taiwan).

Bridge DataRoam also offers  two other plans under its unlimited data usage scheme. It offers 3 days of unlimited data usage for $27 and 5 days unlimited usage for $40. Besides the unlimited data usage plan, Bridge DataRoam also offers other data plans which have a cap of 5mb, 15mb, 40mb and 100mb per month. It also offers voice and SMS service packs for price ranging from $18 to $60 per week .

Bridge Alliance’s Strange AsiaRoam Terms On Abuse

Bridge Alliance’s Terms & Conditions for their AsiaRoam DataSIM Card indicates that Bridge has the discretion to determine if a user is abusing the service and can withdraw them: “ Excessive volume or duration of data use determined at Bridge’s discretion, acting reasonably, will constitute abuse. Bridge reserves the right to monitor data usage, to withdraw the service supplied to the Customer at any time in case of overuse or abuse of the service. Bridge will not be liable for reimbursement, compensation or any subsequent loss of any SIM that is suspended, withdrawn or terminated under this Fair Use Policy.”

Nikhil adds: This is a rather vague set of terms, which leaves far too much at the Bridge Alliance’s discretion: what is the point of an unlimited connection if they can cancel usage under any pretext – will they cancel the connection if it is becoming too costly, perhaps going above the Rs 500 per day cost?