Tanla Solutions reported its third quarter results with its consolidated total income declining 23% Year on Year to Rs 71.91 crore from Rs. 93.5 crore.

International revenues for Tanla were Rs. 69.35 crore, down 8.8% sequentially,and 24.41% year on year. Tanla reported an EBITDA of Rs.  20.2 crore (down  year on year), and a Profit after tax of Rs. 1.3 crore (down 89.6% year on year). Its domestic revenue increased 12,3% sequentially from Rs 2.3 crore to Rs 2.6 crore due to growth in aggregation and launch of new solutions like the Games Club.

There has been a drop in revenues at the consolidated level due to the decrease in number of new licenses deployed with Nokia. Revenues from Mobile Consultancy Services have also decreased marginally due to holiday season in the European markets.

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Tanla has deployed its 3G Video portal with one mobile operator and one enterprise during the third quarter. Trials with other operators are in progress. A company spokesperson informs that Tanla has closed the deal with one of the largest mobile operators in India to deploy its 3G platform. It also launched Games Club, which enables try and buy of games with uniform license models, and secured deployments with 5 operators in India and 2 overseas, out of which 2 have gone live.


According to the Tanla Investor Update , the company reported a Rs. 6.64 crore decline in revenues from mobile payments due to lower transactional volumes from Nokia, a decrease of 44% from last quarter. The revenues from mobile consultancy also saw a decline of 13.3% quarter on quarter. Aggregation  was up Rs. 0.37 crore and Telecom Products saw an increase of Rs. 14 lakh.
– New Customers: Tanla has secured deployments with 5 mobile operators in India and 2 mobile operators outside India; of which 2 operators have gone live already. With these deployments, Club Portal will be servicing 300 million mobile subscribers in India and 30 million outside India.

– Club Portal Deployments: Two of India’s largest mobile operators; one circle with one of India’s largest mobile operators; two of India’s largest mobile operators. Testing currently in progress; with one of Qatar’s largest mobile operators. Testing currently in progress; with one of Bangladesh’s largest mobile operators. Testing in progress.

Billing & aggregation: Tanla has boarded twenty one new customers for providing billing and aggregation services in various geographies such as UK, South Africa and India. 11 customers in and outside India boarded on India Billing and Aggregation platform. 6 customers in and outside South Africa boarded on South Africa Billing and Aggregation platform. 4 customers boarded on UK Billing and Aggregation platform.

Mobile Consultancy: Tanla developing platform for Mobile Payments and on device application development

Telecom Products: The company has successfully deployed its’ 3G Video Portal with one mobile operator. Trials with other operators are in progress. Company has successfully deployed its’ 3G Video Portal for marketing, support, and promotional campaigns. Voice Platform infrastructure and infrastructure management services provided by Tanla.


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