After disclosing the number of active telecom connections in India at the end of September 2010, the Indian telecom regulator TRAI has reverted to only publishing the total telecom connection data: that the country has 706 million mobile connections, up by 18.98 million for the month. However there is no mention of VLE information, or the number of active connections. Why this volte face?

Was the information not provided in time to the TRAI? Or was there pressure to not publish this information, because the September 2010 information showed most of the telecom operators in rather poor light, with 12 of 15 telcos with at least 30% of their subscriber base not active? Or was it merely incorrect to interpret the VLE information as an active subscriber base in a multi-SIM environment?

Mobile Leaderboard For October 2010:

Telco with max additions (Incumbents):Airtel; 3,000,806
Telco with lowest additions (Incumbents): MTNL; 30,785(2 circles)
Telco with max additions (New Telcos): Uninor; 2,480,640
Telco with lowest additions (New Telcos): Etisalat+Allianz; 14,246
Circle with max additions: Maharashtra; 1,679,906

Among the metro cities, Mumbai with a 2.81% change (877,375 connections) in total wireless connection base, added the maximum number of wireless connections for the month of October. Delhi added 588,538, a 1.76% change.

– 9 circles added over 1 million connections: Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, U.P.(E), U.P.(W), West Bengal.
– Tamil Nadu has the most connections, with 63,671,528 connections. UP (East) second with 54,628,605 and Andhra Pradesh is third, with 54,000,379 connections.
– Bharti Airtel holds the maximum percentage market share of wireless connections at 20.70%, Reliance 16.89%, Vodafone 16.70%.
– Companies like HFCL and Etisalat hold a mere 0.16% and 0.01% of the market share respectively.

*- New Telcos: Datacom/Videocon, Loop Telecom, MTS/Sistema, Swan Telecom/Etisalat, S Tel, Uninor

Download TRAI Data for October 2010

Sep 2010: 482.89 M Active Mobile Connections In India