Independent News Service’s online portal is going the NDTV way, partnering with a zillion online companies to set up subsites. The latest one is an art gallery which is for some reason powered by a mobile VAS company called Rhythm Mobiles. The art gallery was launched “to offer a selective collection of original paintings for sale.” The selection is individually reviewed by professionals; it focuses only on contemporary Indian art.

The Art Gallery

Art should inspire, attract and such an art gallery could have wooed more Internet users into purchasing online.  The site does not make any attempt at facilitating this.

There are seven artists on board so far and each has a short, brusque biography. There is a form to fill out to contact them individually; no direct method of contacting them has been enabled. The prices of the paintings are shown as zero and you may request the price of one by filling out yet another form. It’s the site as a whole that brought us down: plain Jane forms throughout, nothing to spice up the gallery:  such as news from the world of art nor tid bits about great artists. Check out some other online art galleries in India: Indian Art Collectors, Kalavishkar, Alankritha, Palette Art Gallery,, Delhi Art Gallery.

NDTV-Style Partner Sites’s navigation bar is also quite “inspired” by NDTV’s. Its partnerships so far are:

Astrology with Astroyogi
Matrimony with
Booking Ads In Classifieds with Ads2book
Comparison shopping of gadgets with Tolmol
Shopping with Tolshop
Doctor with Wonderdoctor
LifeStyle with Lifemojo


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