Dare To Share? YouTube and record company EMI have put restrictions on embedding the music video, thus making it more difficult to share music videos, according to Damien Kulash Jr. of Ok Go, a band whose famous treadmill video was a huge success. [paidcontent]

No Skin Off Their Back: Apple has banned 5000 iPhone applications for alleged having sexual content, developers not happy. No swimsuits, no men in bikins (eww), no innuendo even. [TechCrunch]

The End: Veoh CEO and founder Dmitry Shapiro writes a letter announcing that their legal battle with Universal Music Group on copyright infringement  by Veoh has taken the company to Chapter 7 bankruptcy. [ Shapiro’s Blog]

BBCs Big Mobile App Plans Scare: UK Newspapers are scared of BBC’s news applications for smart phones. The have formally announced that the app would “undermine the commercial sector’s ability to establish an economic model in an emerging but potentially important market”. [paidcontent]

Takes Time To Build A Library: The “greatest library in history”: Google’s plan to build a giant online library, will take time to rule on, a Manhattan judge says. [BBC]

Import More Contacts To Facebook? Facebook has acquired Malaysian Octazen Solutions to build contact importers for alternative email services besides the regular Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL or Gmail. But the question is how safe is your data. [TechCrunch]

Explore More Browsers: Microsoft will have a browser choice screen for its Windows users in Europe, as a resolution to the charges of anti-competitive behavior.   The screen will have alternatives to the Internet Explorer and links to install them. [VentureBeat]