Video sharing site YouTube has launched a Hindi interface, writes BrandFAQs (via AlooTechie). The site is believed to have been launched on July 30th.


No Transliteration!

YouTube Hindi is a purely cosmetic exercise, though – there is no transliteration integration that will allow users to put up their profiles, comments and descriptions of their videos in Hindi, yet. This should have been included with the site, though we guess those who are familiar with Transliteration bookmarklets can still use Indic languages. Google India currently offers transliteration in 12 languages – Hindi,Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Urdu, Punjabi, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Nepali and Arabic. YouTube has become a key area of focus of monetization for Google, of late.

What we liked was the thoroughness with which Youtube Hindi has been implemented – from the headlines of each video to the links to YouTube’s & Google sites at the bottom of the page and even the details of the number of times a video has been watched (2 वर्ष पहले ) have been meticulously translated. Strangely, though, users need to select their language interface from the bottom of the page.

Indian transliteration company Quillpad, in which NASDAQ listed owns 26 percent, does the same for Indiatimes, search engine Guruji, social networking site, Fropper, Josh18 as well as Rediff’s iLand, messenger service iBol and Rediffmail.

Nikhil Pahwa adds: While it’s important for the Indian Internet space that websites develop an Indian language, in the hope that it will bring users familiar with only Indian languages online, I wonder if this will find any usage at all in its current format, catering primarily to bi-lingual users. As of now, it will make navigation and content upload easier for some. Video content is sometimes language agnostic, and I would love to have Google perhaps crowdsource the addition of subtitles to video content, making the content truly global.


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