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Rajshri Media has inked a deal with T-Series, the largest aggregator of music content in India, to “promote the Bollywood titles of T-Series” on its video-on-demand web streaming site Rajshri.com. In a sense, this deal echoes a similar deal that Rajshri Media had struck with Eros International to share short form streaming content – song clippings, promos and movie scenes.

How does this help? Well, the timing is apt – T-Series has just released a movie called Karzz, and they’ll look at the music videos and promos as a means of promoting the movie. Much of the buzz is around new movies when they’re released – take a look at Google trends for Himesh and Karzz, and you’ll notice a recent spike in search queries. Rajshri will look to use the fresh content to attract viewers for their library of film content.

Do note that T-Series appears to have a tie-up Rediff’s iShare as well, but I don’t think they’ve announced it – their movie promos section features videos from Karzz.

I wonder if these are just barter deals – one gets promo content, the other publicity, or is there money and a revenue share involved. If you know – do tell.

Update from Rajshri Media:

The company has set up offices in Delhi and Chennai. Operating out of Delhi on the Ad Sales side are Ajay Bandhoo and Shobhit Agarwal, from Exchange4Media and ClickJobs respectively, while Ravneet Munjal, formerly with the India Today Group, is heading Content Acquisition. In Chennai, Palaniappan has going to look after content acquisition, with an eye on adding more regional content. Rajshri Media also intends to expand its presence to Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kolkata soon. In Mumbai, they’ve appointed Shashank Sathe as the CTO, and Vishnu Kant Gokul as VP for Ad Sales. COO Ravi Nalappa and CTO William D’Souza moved out a few months ago.

On the content front, Rajshri Media has also added content from  Web18, and will feature Bollywood film reviews from film critic Rajiv Vijayakar.

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