Update: We’re told that the numbers we’ve calculated for VAS are for the month, and not for the quarter, since ARPU is a monthly figure. We stand corrected. That effectively bumps up Airtels quarterly VAS revenue by 3x the amount we’ve mentioned.

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VAS Revenues
As per calculations done by MediaNama, based on data given by Bharti Airtel in its quarterly report, the Non-SMS component of Mobile Value Added Services (VAS) accounts for 56.7 percent of total VAS revenues for Airtel. That’s a significant change from a year ago, where P2P SMS was the dominant component at 50.5 percent.

For the quarter ending June 2008, Airtel’s Total VAS revenue were Rs. 235.55 crores, up from Rs. 208 crores for the quarter ending March 2008. Growth in Non-SMS VAS (Ringtones, CRBTs, GPRS, Voice Portal Services etc) has been as high as 20.7 percent in the last quarter March, increasing to Rs. 133.56 crores from Rs. 110.64 crores for the last quarter corresponding period last fiscal.

Overall Results
Airtel recorded a net profit of $472 Million, at a net profit margin of 23.9 percent. The company registered revenues of $1,976 million, and an EBITDA Margin of 41.5%.

Mobile Subs, ARPU, MOU and Churn
— Airtel has a mobile user base of 69,383,716 subscribers – a marketshare of 24.2 percent – up from 64,268,000 subscribers at the end of the last quarter. 92.3 percent, or 64,041,170 subscribers are Prepaid, and these account for 97.9 percent of net additions
— ARPU: as mentioned in the chart above, ARPU for Airtel was Rs. 350, down from Rs. 357 last quarter.
— Minutes of Usage: 534 minutes, up significantly from 507
— Churn: Postpaid saw a voluntary churn of 1.0%, and an involuntary churn of 1.4%. Prepaid churn was higher at 3.8 percent
— Distribution: Airtel has a sales and distribution reach of 923,472 outlets

Telemedia (Wireline + Broadband)
— Subscribers: 2,393,732 subscribers in 94 cities, up from 2,283,000 subs
— Broadband: approximately 8.53 lakh broadband customers
— ARPU – Rs. 1,138, up from Rs. 1,137
— Revenue of Rs. 798.8 crores, up 23% from Rs. 651.3 crores last quarter