google_logo_smallGoogle has officially launched flight search under Start Searching India campaign reports The Indian Express. The report that the newly added flight feature by Google will show the exact location of any flight along with time of arrival and departure.

Flight Search: While this feature was earlier available for International flights, Google seems to have added support for domestic flights now. One can search for any specific flight to view information like flight departure and arrival time and its current location among others.

Alternatively, one can head over to and enter the flight number in the flight section to see the exact location, departure and arrival time.

Inside Search – Google

AI452 - Google Search

When we checked this feature, we noticed that along with the current details of the flight, the search result also gives the schedule of the flight, options to book the flight, among others.

Apart from flights, Google Search also offers updates to users on weather and helps them find restaurants, locate ATMs and find movie theatres to book tickets. Users can also use the service for news, quick research and calculations.

Besides web search, these features will also be available on its Android and iOS app through voice search. It will also be available as Google Now cards for Android devices having Android 4.1 or later.

Related developments: Google had recently launched a Crisis Map for Uttarakhand, which aims to provide information like the places affected by the floods, relief camps, shelters and medical camps in affected areas and road closure information in these regions.