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Airtel Mobitude 2012: 75M Wallpaper Downloads, MobileTV Viewership Jumps By 65%

Airtel recorded 75 million wallpaper downloads, a 300% rise from last year, with Katrina Kaif and Shahrukh Khan taking the top honors in Bollywood segment last year, according to the Airtel Mobitude 2012 survey released by the company. Wallpaper downloads of female actresses outnumbered the same recorded for their male counterparts by over 6788 percent, and South India showed a strong traction for imagery than the numbers seen for top 5 Bollywood actors put together.

It’s interesting to note that Airtel terms it downloads for wallpapers and not buy. We were surprised that people still download wallpapers these days, since most of the mobile phone’s homescreen is used for widget customization, rather than background. Also, given the issues of forced downloads from mobile VAS companies, we wonder how many of the wallpaper purchases are customer initiated.

‘Airtel Mobitude 2012′ essentially captures content consumption and/or purchases of Airtel’s 186 million plus connections. Some data shared by Airtel below:

– MobileTV saw a 65% jump in viewership than that seen in 2011. IPL viewing minutes jumped a record breaking 74% and viewership increased over 46% from numbers witnessed in 2011. The top five mobile TV channels were: Sony, Aaj Tak, Zoom, UTV Movies, and Star Plus. We believe the rise in Mobile TV usage could be attributed to the availability of 3G services that allows faster data download speed for seamless streaming.

– Airtel recorded over 150 million mobile music downloads with Chikni Chameli and Dirty Dancer emerging as the most downloaded song of the year in the Bollywood and Hollywood segment respectively. Kolavari Di recorded as the most downloaded song & Hello Tune for the year – far ahead of the Gangnam Style.


– Airtel notes that MMS crossed 1 million mark on Diwali and jumped 145% on the festive day. It’s surprising that people still use MMS in this age, considering that Whatsapp usage is increasing in the country. If the phone is capable of sending an MMS, there’s a high chance that Whatsapp can be installed on the device.

– Mobile internet saw maximum data consumption between 10PM – 11PM. Video consumption was reported at its highest during night hours.

– Google is the most visited website in terms of Unique Users, while Facebook clocks maximum time spent and leads all websites in terms of page views as well as data consumption.

– Airtel App Central recorded 3 million downloads every month. About 90% downloads were seen in the free category. Airtel also notes that customers show a preference for the ‘freemium’ model. Around 65% of application downloads are games, other popular categories including social networking, video and music players, sports, health and other entertainment.

Note: we contacted Airtel last week for information on top performing applications on its app store (paid and free), but a company representative informed us yesterday that it won’t be any additional data beyond the press release.

Survey link: Airtel website

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  • Anonymous

    Haha there is a trend on medianama to blame one 97 for all flase downloads. no one can do that for this article. one 97 doesnt even do mobile intenet busieness even if they keep claiming hey do. Forced inability to do forceful downloads

  • Anonymous

    Seriously man, please don’t become Hindi News channel and publish Masala stories. Who told you to give your views like this

    “We surprised that people still download wallpapers these days as most of the mobile phone’s homescreen has been taken over by widget customization than background customization..”

    “It’s surprising that people still use MMS in this age, considering that Whatsapp usage is increasing in the country. If the phone is capable of sending an MMS, there’s a high chance that Whatsapp can be installed on the device.”

    I seriously urge MN team to do some quality check on the content. This guy doesn’t seem to have a clue about Indian Mobile ecosystem.Moreover, please get the copy checked before you hit publish button. As a media company you can’t afford to make punctuation, grammar and sentence construct errors.Nonetheless, I am a regular reader of MN but I hate to read articles, which pollute the overall essence of a subject.Hope you take this feedback in a positive sense.

    • http://www.medianama.com Nikhil Pahwa

      our apologies for the punctuation errors: my fault, entirely, since I was on editorial duty yesterday. 

      In terms of disagreements with what we’ve written, better if you choose to disagree with a point of view we’ve expressed, rather than diss the person commenting. it’s a point of view. it can be wrong. we’re not experts and have never claimed to be, so glad to be proven wrong or corrected.

  • vasguy medianama

    Can we please have the distinction between subscription revenue vs event billing? Can airtel give numbers of the same? How many downloads as a function of subscription and how many were paid individually? 

    • http://www.medianama.com Nikhil Pahwa

      Airtel is not giving any numbers beyond the press release