Vodafone reported a higher increase in active connections than it did in total connections for the month ending 30th March 2012: The telco’s total subscriber base went up by 1.02 million to 150.46 million, while its active connection base increased by 2.46 million to 133.49 million for the month, indicating that while connections did port out, more connections became active during the month for the telco. Idea Cellular, which has reported the highest percentage of active subscribers since the TRAI made reporting such information mandatory, reported the highest increase in active subscribers of 2.49 million, with a total base of 105.34 million, and 93.45% of its connection base active.

Note the information for STel and Etisalat is the same as for previous months because the two telcos, having announcing the shuttering of their networks, haven’t submitted data.

Mobile Operator Leaderboard For March 2012:

1. Bharti Airtel added 2.50 million connections,taking its connection base to 181.28 million, with 166.28 million of this base active. Airtel has 24.35% of the total active connection base
2. Vodafone added 1.025 million connections, but grew its active connection base by 2.46 million, taking its connection base to 150.46 million, with 133.49 million active. Vodafone has 19.54% of the total active connection base.
3. Idea Cellular added 2.01 million connections, taking its base to 112.72 million, with 105.34 million connections active. Idea Cellular has 15.42% of the total active connection base
4. Reliance Communications (RCOM) 1.04 million connections, taking its base to 153.05 million. However,  only 65.39% of this base is active – just 100.07 million active connections. RCOM has 14.65% of the total active connection base.
5. Public owned telco BSNL has a connection base of 98.51 million, with as little as 53.92% of its base – 53.11 million – active. It has 7.78% of the total active connection base.

Note that, at number six, Tata Teleservices is out of the top five: it has 81.75 million connections, and reported a decline of 141,935 connections during the month. 57.31% of Tata Tele’s base is active, and at 46.85 million active connections, it accounts for 6.86% of India’s active connection base.

Among the new telcos, Uninor added 1.29 million connections, taking its connection base to 42.43 million, but only 24.25 million (57.17) of this base is active. Uninor, which is targeting 8% of India’s mobile base, currently accounts for 3.55% of the countrys active connection base.

Circle Data

– In terms of Active connections, J&K leads with 82.46% active subscribers, followed by Assam, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Mumbai has just 63.74% active subscribers, the lowest among all circles.


– Tamil Nadu has the most number of connections, with 77,602,640 connections, but 65.14% of this base is active, taking its total active connections to 50.6 million connections. UP (East) has the second highest connections at 75.07 million, but the highest number of active connections with 57.14 million. Maharashtra has the third highest connections with 70.47 million connections, but has the second highest number of active connections at 55.86 million.