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ISP Wise List Of Blocked Sites #IndiaBlocks

We’re trying to compile a list of sites that have been blocked by Internet Service Providers in India, following a ‘Court Order’. Help us by reporting the status of these sites on your ISP, along with a screenshot if it directs you to a landing page that cites the reason for the block. We’ll be constantly updating this list.

Airtel Delhi: (Screenshot) (Screenshot) (Screenshot) (Screenshot) (Screenshot) (Screenshot) (Screenshot) (Screenshot) (Screenshot) (Screenshot) (Screenshot) (Screenshot)

We’re also getting reports that all or some of these sites have been blocked by Airtel in Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai.

MTNL Delhi:

DailyMotion (Screenshot) (Screenshot)

Some users suggest that MTNL Mumbai has blocked all torrent sites.

Reliance Communications :

Mixed reports – We’re able to access all the above sites on a Data card, however, some users are reporting that they’re still blocked.

YOU Broadband

Pacenet Mumbai




Zylog Wi5

Infotel ConnectBroadband

Aircel Edge/3G

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  • Rambo Span

    Tikona should actually work in order to block!

  • Golf79

    piratebay shows blocked, but as you keep on refreshing, it becomes alive…

  • Ajay

    Thanks Airtel and Reliance in telling us that these are the sites ppl used to download pirated content from, :P  , now i just need to use a proxy :D

  • Radhesh

    access pirate bay from the wikipedia pagelink , it works fine.

  • Parag Salvi

    i m from pune .i hav a tata broadband connection(wired) and i can access most of the popular sites from the list(didnt try all of them)
    anyone else using tata has got any problems?

  • Guest

    All of the above have been blocked by MTNL in Mumbai.

  • Rahijain

    But why vimeo ? They don’t serve anything wrong. 

    • Rahijain

      And then all video sites should be blocked. Metacafe, youtube

  • MorguL666

    they have even taken down filestube

    • Nick


  • Lovepleasure1990

    mtnl delhi has blocked all torrent sites….

  • Nick

    Filestube too but working with Reliance Data Card which is Slowest data Card of the World. No matter how much Anushka Tell With having dick of Ambani in Hand that our Net Speed is faster…