Noida-based TV guide, iDubba has raised angel money from a group of angel investors including — Rajan Anandan (Google India MD), Srikant Sastri (Vivaki India head), and Abhishek Rungta and Pallav Nadhani (

iDubba didn’t disclose the amount of investment it received, but Rabi Gupta, Co-Founder of iDubba told MediaNama that the investment will be used for technology development, research, marketing and sourcing content uploaders for the site. Launched in 2010, iDubba was a part of  The Morpheus’ 6th batch. iDubba recently had a design overhaul and has added new features like alerts based on keywords and other interesting things like Live, Premiere and IMDB, rewards for watching TV, and a recommendation engine. To date, iDubba has seen total of 70,000+ activities of which over 25,000 have happened in last 3 weeks, it claims, and over 1200 people are actively Tuning in to the programs. It has over 150 Indian channels (which means, it’s not covering every single channel) and over 18000 shows and movies in its database.

No Monetization Plans Yet

Currently, iDubba does not have any monetization plan in place but will be concentrating on building its user base. In later stages, iDubba plans to do targeted advertising on its mobile apps. Apart from that, it also plans to monetize from the user behavior data gathered from the website.


The TV Guide lets users Tune-in to a channel or a TV Show, set an alert for an upcoming TV program and get points in return for each user activity. Users can also share what they are watching with their network on Facebook and Twitter. At the end of month iDubba distributes TV credits based on a user’s position on the leaderboard. TV credits can be then redeemed to win free DTH recharges, DTH connections or LCD TVs.

Users can like TV Shows and movies and based on that data, iDubba suggests TV Shows and Movies users might like with their algorithm. One can also search for currently playing TV Shows of certain genre or set an iAlert for upcoming shows. What’s interesting is, users can set an iAlert for any new program in certain genre, sports events  whenever they happen live, and alerts for shows with desired cast/crew. For eg., if a user wants to be alerted for upcoming movies starring Salman Khan, they can set an alert for Salman Khan’s movies in the iAlert section of the website. They will be notified via SMS or email on upcoming Salman Khan movies. Users can also set the timing when they want to be alerted.

Why use the site?

While the site offers a TV Guide which is also available on your DTH box, iDubba offers ability to filter certain genre of TV show and movies. Rabi Gupta, also told MediaNama that in future iDubba might partner with content providers to provide goodies to its users. Say for example, when an user tunes in to MTV Roadies on their mobile app, iDubba might offer few exclusive MTV Roadies goodies to the user like wallpapers, ringtones, etc. Apart from that, iDubba’s cash in system for reward points (for DTH recharge vouchers) might also attract users.

Competition has been catering to this segment where users can set SMS/email alerts for their favorite TV Show/movie but it does not have the social element to it. However, it already has its mobile strategy figured with Android and iPhone apps in place. Rabi Gupta said that they have been working on an Android app and it will be out in next two weeks after which they are going to launch their app on the iPhone. The app will be a replica of the website with all features available on the tiny screen. Going further away from home, iDubba seems like a local version of international TV Check-in site However, does not have Indian shows listed on its site nor does it have a TV Show/movie alert system.