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I Wish Satyamev Jayate Was A Social Movement Backed By TV – Mahesh Murthy

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Mahesh Murthy is Managing Partner at Seedfund, and Founder & CEO of Pinstorm. In this post, he shares his views on the television show, Satyamev Jayate, and the need to make it relevant at a larger level, leveraging the digital medium. This post originally appeared on 7th May, on his Facebook wall.

I wish Satyamev Jayate was a social movement backed by TV every week. As opposed to a TV show backed by some social. Yesterday, it had 5 or 7 of the top 10 trends on Twitter – and over 6 lakh people joined the Facebook group. Today? Not even one trend on Twitter. And barely 1% or 1.5% engagement per post on Facebook.

Are we just going to see some spurts of action before the show each Sunday? Is that all the social change we deserve?

It’s an amazing idea, this show, Aamir Khan. But could you make it real, and more social? I know that TV makes you the big bucks, and this doesn’t. Yet.

But this is where the real change can come alive and make a real difference. Don’t get me wrong – I think it’s great that you shone a light on female infanticide – like no one did before, with any such sort of impact.

But the action we all can be part of against killing the girl child can’t be limited to sending SMSes to the Rajasthan government to institute fast track courts for cases that happened 8 years ago. What about the others states and union territories in India, and the crimes that happen there – and the ones that are happening today all over? How can you offer knowledge, choices, options that are relevant today – especially after you raise the issues with such conviction on TV?


Sure you can’t cover all this on TV – but certainly you can be more informative here, on your Fb page. But you aren’t. And your site http://satyamevjayate.in/ can do more. But it doesn’t. Your Facebook page is just an ad for the show, as is your website. Surely that can’t be the big picture – just using digital to increase ratings and ad revenues for the TV show? That’s somehow getting it the wrong way around, isn’t it?

Look, Sir. You’ve made your money here. Completely deserved it, in fact. Now – and this won’t take any large amount of money – could you use this medium right here to tell people about real action they can take? The real change they can instigate and accomplish? Make THIS place the fulcrum – and then let TV be a summary of work every Sunday?

Else all of this outrage on female infanticide will be forgotten in a week.

Because next week you’ll bring us some other evil. And then another. And so on.

And we’ll just continue to be benumbed spectators, like we were, before the show, doing nothing.

The only difference being that we sit in front of the channel and help Star TV sell more ads against our eyeballs.

Surely the girl child – and the causes to come – deserve more.

(c) 2012 Mahesh Murthy. The views expressed above are those of the author, and not necessarily representative of the views of MediaNama.com.

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  • The author’s rant would be more acceptable if the he had put his step forward to help in bringing up the suggested content on Satyameva Jayate’s FB page or its website! Heading a large marketing firm keeps him rightly placed in doing things that would strengthen the foundation laid by Aamir Khan and push the initiative further. But clearly we see just rant and no initiative which is sad. Sorry Mr Murthy your article serves no purpose.

  • bt

    another cynic and a PE investor. as they say blogging about satyamev is national hobby these days. let,s see your effort dear author

  • AA

    r u trying to suggest to aamir that they should hire pinstorm as their digital agency. why dont u become his digital partner and serve the nation. u can make some money too in the process.

    • Amit Ambastha

      Its not like that AA , Mahesh is right ……. first analyse the things honestly ,then comment

  • PJB

    I think he should also address the topic of infidelity or second marriage as that is also hampering the indian culture per say. The divorce rates in India are increasing. Out of all this most impacted is the child whose parent are seeking divorce. …Divorce causes children to feel helpless, deserted, angry, and guilty. …who will know better than Aamir Khan himself…Can something be done about that?

    Another incident that I want to highlight is that he didn’t attend the charity match that was organized by his son.. As per media reports “The reason being that Mr Perfectionist is busy with the promotions of his debut TV show Satyamev Jayate. The actor is so busy that he doesn’t have much time left for his family and Aamir isn’t complaining since he is reportedly raking in a cool Rs 3 crore per episode. And if that wasn’t staggering enough, Satyamev Jayate will also have the highest ever promotion budget for a TV show at a whopping Rs 6 crore.”

    I think that the match was also for a social cause but with only difference that Aamir would not have made any money in that… as compared to his so called debut show…No money versus Rs. 3 crore per episode….Obviously he chose the money!!!!

    This proves that this is mere business for him and nothing else. Please note Aamir “Charity begins at home”. 

  • Amar1214

    Mr.mahesh I’m very happy that u have taken an initiative to criticise such shows rather than being one to come up with such good concept on this site medianama but u r very happy just sitting criticising others, here u don’t feel like participating wholly into social movement.