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Songs.pk Banned By Calcutta High Court: Report

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 The Indian Music Industry claims to have court orders that allow the blocking of 104 other sites. Please see:
– Indian Music Industry Gets Court Orders For Blocking 104 Music Sites
– List of 104 Music Sites That The Indian Music Industry Wants Blocked

Also, Songs.pk has been relaunched as songspk.pk. Read this.

Feb 17th, 2012: Access to music sharing site Songs.pk has been banned in India, following a petition in the Calcutta High Court by Indian music industry bodies Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) and Indian Music Industry (IMI), and music label Sagarika Music Pvt Ltd, according to a reportin Jagran Post. According to a report by Telecom Talk, the Court has passed an Injunction order, asking all ISPs to block access to the website through methods such as DNS name blocking, IP address blocking via routers, and DPI based URL blocking.

The petitioners had sought the now familiar route of blocking access to the site from within India, naming ISPs like Dishnet Wireless Ltd, Reliance Wimax Ltd, Hathway Cable & Datacom Pvt Ltd, Hughes Communications Ltd India, Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd, Reliance Communications Infrastructure Ltd, Wipro Ltd, Sify Technologies Ltd, Bharti Airtel Ltd, Vodafone India Ltd, and BG Broadband India Pvt Ltd in the petition.

We do not have access to the petition, however, the orders passed by the Calcutta Court on 27th January and 6th February do not mention a particular website, and order the ISPs to provide the address of the website owner/operator. The order also states that only the website mentioned in the petition should be banned. We’re awaiting a copy of that petition, and will update.


A few things to note:

– Site still works: We are able to access the site on an Airtel Broadband and BSNL, at the time of writing this post. The implementation of blocks are typically not pervasive, and we’ve seen instances of sites being blocked across some ISPs, and not across others. If you’re unable to access songs.pk, do tell us in the comments, and post a screenshot

– Precedence setting: While the ban could set a precedent in India putting the onus on intermediaries for blocking websites allegedly offering pirated content, it also means that more sites could be blocked. Last year, Reliance BIG Pictures got a John Doe order leading to ISPs banning all file sharing sites for a specific period of time, which also resulted in the sites getting blocked for users who use them for sharing documents, in a legal manner. That first order, for the movie Singham, led to many more such John Doe orders. This case could set a precedence against pirated music sites

– Two sides: there have been instances of legitimate filesharing sites also being blocked, so there are two sides to this issue: when generic filesharing sites are taken down, in which case we think the block is unjustified (the Reliance Big Pictures case being a case in point), and the justifiable case of pureplay piracy sites like songs.pk being taken down.

– ISP route: is the favored route for all kinds of blocks. Whether a court order or a a takedown notice, ISP’s tend to be vary of taking any liability and will execute blocks.

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  • Shreemant Shekhar

    Its working on Tata too.

  • Amit

    Very much awaited news…something that should have happened much earlier ..this should frustrate and deter anyone to repeating something like this again in future. There are still some addressable questions-  NRIs can still access songs.pk ? torrent websites , desitorrents will also be blocked ? 

    • Anam Zen

      @Amit. What is your real name. Have you ever purchased a song in your life? You are a big lier and a true enemy of Internet world. At backend you download torrents and other pirated stuff and lolllllzz..!!! here you are saying that it is a much awaited news. I think Cyber world should have shame on you….

      • Amit

        are u the owner of songs.pk ? remember the days when you used to pay for 30 ruppees for a audio tape….what happened to you ….(Legal) online music portals are the answer to the piracy….you dont get entertainment for free …you pay for tickets when you go to watch movies in the theater…songs.pk ne bahot kama liya ..we all knew that it was not legitimate and not sustainable :P 

    • TrueIndian

      Go Hang yurself Amit… You dont deserve anything good in life (A-H)

      • SacchaDesi

        Shame true indian!!! ….phukat indian ? 

  • RA-ONE

    all those who are saying that they rely on this website and are really sad with this news should be ashamed that they support piracy as piracy funds which these kind of sites get are used to fund terrorism in India and the world. well it would be great if goverment keeps a check and bans all kind of piracy and gives people who support piracy harshest punishment

    • Sibaall@congress.com

      Prove that song.pk funds any such activity.

      • Lalitshobha

        you google over songs.pk you will find 1000 search results claiming that …wisdom of network …are you the son of Sibbal advocating for T-series ?

    • Anam Zen

      Where is your another face RA-ONE? I think you are like a corrupted politician of India. 

    • Virajmisrav

      songs pk dont care much can buy songs but toreent nooooo from where will i download tv show only airing in us ????? sidereel tvreel services not in india not even itune let us buy these tv shows in india

    • crazy सायंटिस्ट

      माँ  की आँख | बेटा , बाबु जी  के होटल में अभी भी अकाउंट लगता है तुम्हारा खुला हुआ है ? इसी लिए कह रहे हो | आधे से ज्यादा पब्लिसिटी तो ये सभी फ्री साईटस फिल्म और म्यूजिक अल्बुम्स की कर देते हैं और कहते हो पायरेसी हो रही है | जय हो टोरेंट साईट और मुफ्त की साईट चलाने वालों की :०  

      • Raone

        kaliyug ke scientist …jai ho aur tum jahanuum mein jao

  • It still works… Ban Pakistan not just songs.pk… Hindustaan zindabaad…

    • Chris

       get out

    • Coolrajcoolcool

      Hindustan zindabad

    • Dgdfg

      get lost 

  • Qbtqct

    not working on reliance Mumbai,

  • Karthik


  • Karthik


  • Zoro

    Damn  . . . it was so much helpful . . . Hmm still there are thousands of websites around :D . . .
    CHC go ban your child killing hospitals first, internet is a long way . . . 

    • Zero

      tell ,me the names..i know one – radiorhythmz.fm..it says it 
       crawls other search engines, websites and directories. It ONLY COLLECTS links and INDEXES other websites’ contents.

  • it will be a big loss to songs.pk if its blocked in india, anyway they are making a lot of money from indian traffic, which i dont feel right. If it were some indian site i wouldnt care, but since its a pakistani site, i do fucking care.. when they make money out of our songs..

    • Sharad

      be indian , buy indian from an indian 

  • Yah Seems like site is Blocked..Tried using Airtel and site was not opening.. :|

    Finally high court order is implemented by all ISP’s

  • It’s working On Tata Photon+ in Bihar !!

  • Mr Nikx

    O fucken good job ! Ban all .pk domain ! 

  • Rahul

    This is real gud… But i have just one question why dont google ban these kind of sites whicb r illegal? So thag they wont appear in search results…

  • Junk
  • Raj331

    try to access through proxy sites……..it will work no tension :)

    • Sagar

      antiproxy technology is now well proved. Court should also order implantation of this technology :p

  • TrueIndian


  • webmaster

    it doesn’t work but i can still use it via proxy
    it came in news there will be a better site availabel containing all songs
    the site is named as songsnoke.com let see what  it got

  • Downlod

    try access through hidemyass.com….

  • Devalseo

    Yes thank you
    i am so happy ,
    after listing songs.pk is banned
    This is so Cool
     please banned all Pakistani website in India

  • Jaiswalshashank4

    Don’t this stupid people know about TOR which can even fuck the hell named SOPA.

  • Ibrahim8933

    its not working on my phone and system….!
    any alternatives to this site?

    • Jaiswalshashank4


      • Amit

        seriously ban all .pk websites

    • Jaiswalshashank4

       i mean songspk.pk

    • Sukee

      Yeah there is a work around on your computer. .. Use a proxy website to login to songs.pk .. proxy sites cannot be banned …

      it works.. as the proxy site server might be based anywhere in the world and none of them have banned it .. so you can surf as well as download the songs.


      put the url in the site where you can put the website address ..Enjoy

      • lucifer

        thanxx man u rock

  • Amitkshirsagar

    It is good site for music. When every thing is commercial in music this site has shown new way to music lovers. I think 
    petitioner are of cheap mentality. 

  • malay

    its not working on bsnl broadband in ahmedabad

  • Sukee

    Yeah there is a work around on your computer. .. Use a proxy website to login to songs.pk .. proxy sites cannot be banned …

    it works.. as the proxy site server might be based anywhere in the
    world and none of them have banned it .. so you can surf as well as
    download the songs.


    put the url in the site where you can put the website address ..Enjoy 




  • Krishand
  • Zero_cool


  • henshi

    please also mntion the list of songs websites which are not banned by you

  • Tlcdisco

    songs.pk not working in tata docomo

  • Asifer200

    I think the ban  is for good,people who put their talent and work will earn what they deserve

  • Varunmalhotra

    we’re still able to access the website but they’ve changed it’s dns name. Now, it can be accessed by typing “www.songspk.pk”. :)