The number of transactions using mobile banking in India have gone up by 167.43% while the amount has shot up by 102.63% in a time frame of February 2011 to August 2011. The average amount per transaction stood at Rs 0.083, though we believe that the transaction information shared by the RBI with us includes both payment and non payment related transactions.

Some observations:
– As on August 2011, the total number of mobile banking transactions stood at 18,92,066
while the amount transacted was at Rs 12486.31 lakhs.
– The amount transacted encountered a 17.53% slack in August 2011 from July 2011.
– February 2011 saw Rs 6161.91 lakhs being transacted – the lowest in the given time period while July 2011 saw the maximum amount of transactions with Rs 15141.54 lakhs.

Data Source: Reserve Bank Of India, via RTI

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