Tanla Solutions Limited, one of the two public listed mobile Value Added Services companies in India, has been granted a Patent (No.: 241745) for its Automatic Meter Reading system by the Indian Patent Office. It had applied for the patent in India in 2006, and Singapore and Europe in 2007. The Singapore patent was granted in May 2010, while the one from Europe remains. [BSE]

Tanla’s AMR system uses a wireless mesh network for automated meter reading: after collecting meter data from utility meters, the communication nodes transmits it to a central station for billing. Each node acts as a meter reader as well as a router for neighboring meter readers, thus forming a mesh network that provides for automatic discovery of network, optimum routes, failsafe routing mechanism. Creating a network thus eliminates the need of installing dedicated communication nodes to collect data. This can be used for implementing a smart grid, meter reading, security/surveillance, etc.

Last month, Tanla had launched video mail services for MTNL, for its 3G subscribers, that allowed users to leave video mails on any missed calls.

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