So is this appears to be the end of Buzz18 as a standalone website: the Web18 owned entertainment focused portal which was launched in 2007 is now called IBN Movies, and has been integrated with one of the companys key news portals: IBNLive.

Buzz18 was a part of Network18s three year long flurry of launches, when it launched, invested in or acquired (then revamped),,,,,, awaaz karobar, IBN Khabar,,,,,,,,, and eventually the big bet with

Since then, StoreGuru has been integrated with, and eventually replaced entirely with services from Homeshop18; EasyMF has been integrated with MoneyControl, and now Buzz18, which should ideally serve as excellent foil for BookMyShow, is IBN Movies. I wouldn’t be surprised if Josh18 and IBN Khabar are eventually merged as well.

I had never been in favour of this portal launching frenzy (had said as much two years ago), and believed that the company would find it difficult to scale and market each and every portal; it takes time and focus to adapt portals to consumer needs, and for consumers to make certain portals a habit. But as then as a senior Web18 exec had said in the comments at that time, perhaps this online big media play is beyond my comprehension…