Self driving car rental company Revv said that it is equipping its cars with new hardware to help to prevent road accidents through a partnership with Mobileye ADAS system. The device is a  small camera located inside the front windshield and uses image processing to give warnings (for lane departure, headway monitoring, and forward collision) in dangerous or potential accident situations.

Mobileye claims that the system not only prevents accidents, it also helps in affecting driver behaviour to correct driving habits.

Revv piloted Mobileye’s ADAS over a 3-month period, with 30 vehicles and over 4,00,000 kms driven, and it claims that Revv witnessed a 74% or four-fold decrease in accident rates (from an accident every 22,000kms to every 84,000kms).  Revv is rolling out the system across its entire fleet of 800 vehicles.


Note that in November last year, Zoomcar also installed Mobileye ADAS, device to help prevent road accidents because of driver inattention. On top that, Zoomcar launched Cadabra in January this year, a solution which tracks data about the car, in real-time: it plugs into the car’s OBD-II port, and provides information such as distance traveled, fuel used, clutch performance, etc, tracking information like fuel levels, clutch position, harsh braking, inconsistent acceleration, seat belt usage, and engine health (among others).

Revv’s Funding

In December last year, Revv raised $9 million in Series A equity funding led by Edelweiss Private Equity and and debt funding from Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services. At the time of funding, the company said that it will use the funds for expanding into new cities, launching new products and investing in technology for customer experience.