Amazon Web Services has launched new features for AWS Educate, including 25 self-paced content modules called ‘Cloud Career Pathways’ which consist of instructional videos, lab exercises, online courses, whitepapers, and podcasts & a jobs board.

The Career Pathways currently covers cloud architecture, software developer, operations support engineer and analytics and big data specialist. Overall, the company mentions that there will be at least 30 hours of training in each of the four fields. The platform is currently available in India, US, Singapore, Japan, China and South Korea.

Completing these courses will provide users with digital badges and certificates that will appear on their AWS Educate profile. The company will then link up the learner with a potential job opening in their field, which will be posted by companies like Instructure, Cloudnexa, Salesforce, Udacity, Splunk, and Amazon itself, using the ‘AWS Educate: Job Board’. Posting an ad for a job is free, and so is using the site either as a student or educator.

Note that Amazon had launched the Educate portal in May last year, and claims that around 500 institutions have signed to use it. For institutions, the company also offers demos and special on-campus programs, while for educators it offers open source content for their courses, training resources and a community of like-minded users. The new features launched for students can be availed simply by signing up.

Amazon has been preparing to enter the education space for quite a while. In India, the company had launched Exam Central under the books department on the website where users can get access to sample question papers, solved papers and articles from academicians for entrance exams. Internationally, it had launched Amazon Inspire, an online platform for education resources, which would also be free to use.

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