Facebook-owned messenger service WhatsApp’s web application now supports the Firefox and Opera browsers,the company announced in a tweet.  WhatsApp debuted a much-requested web app last month, which allows users to send and receive messages through desktops. The service is currently available across all major mobile platforms except iOS which the company says is “due to Apple platform limitations.”

Users still have to open web.whatsapp.com and scan the QR code through the new “WhatsApp web” option within the app to pair it with the web client. It notes that this web client will just be mirroring all conversations and messages from its mobile app, which means all the messages will continue to remain primarily on the user’s mobile phone. WhatsApp also adds that the phone needs to have an active Internet connection for the web client to work.

Earlier this month, WhatsApp tested out another much-requested feature and and let in a few users on voice calling on an invite-basis. There is no official announcement from the company yet about the feature and no mention of it in release notes on Google Play either.

Whatsapp earlier in November said that it has hit 70 million monthly active users in India. India is currently the largest market for WhatsApp that had claimed to have 600 million monthly active users worldwide as of August last year.