Around 45 days ago, one of readers who uses an iPhone got a call from Vodafone. The caller told him that this is an iPhone Survey, asked him how long he has been using the iPhone, and which phone he used before.

Then, the important question – “Do you plan to take the new Vodafone iPhone?”

He said No, and that was the end of the survey.


Apart from the comparatively high phone prices on Vodaphone and Airtel – which they don’t have any control because “Apple Hold All The Power“, the companies – Vodafone at least – are looking to extract their pound of flesh as far as data charges are concerned:

So the data plan charges are higher, and the data limits lower (for the Rs. 499 plan), compared to the existing plans. The bottom line, literally, from the Vodafone website:

“Data browsing on iPhone will be possible only if you subscribe to any of the above data plans or talkplans.”

As is obvious from the exchange above – Vodafone knows who all are using the iPhone. Why would anyone using the iPhone with a regular data plan pay more for the special iPhone data plans? In my opinion, only if they’re forced to do so…


Voda is offering two tariff plans for the iPhone – Rs. 799 and Rs. 999. Details here.

Note: Airtel hasn’t updated their site with the iPhone charges yet