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For years, MediaNama has hosted events on the most critical technology policy issues. Experts and professionals from academia, industry and government attend the events to discuss the most pressing technology policy issues.

Whether you are a student, a professional, or simply someone with a curiosity for how technology shapes our world, attending MediaNama events will provide you with valuable insights into technology policy and networking opportunities.

Please note: MediaNama Subscribers get free access and guaranteed entry to all our events. You may subscribe to MediaNama here. Non-subscribers can also attend our events for free. However, their admission is subject to an approval process – which involves careful selection of attendees from the list of applications that we receive for each event.

Still unsure if you should attend MediaNama events?

Here are 5 reasons why, if you’re in technology/policy, you must come for MediaNama discussions, especially the physical format:

  1. Share your point of view and get instant feedback: At MediaNama discussions you get to share your point of view, instead of being talked to by a panel: over 60% of a MediaNama discussion is interactive and focused on debating issues with the participants in the roomful of an audience curated for relevance.
  2. Meet others working on the same subject: we have dedicated networking time at MediaNama discussions, where you can meet and engage with others working on the same subject, and get a sense of what’s happening behind the scenes.
  3. Hear a point you hadn’t considered: We curate our participants for a diversity of perspectives, with people working on the same issue, but coming from a different background: hear not just from policy wonks, but also technologists, founders, people working with lawmakers, among others. There’s always another way of looking at something.
  4. Outcome focused: At the end of each session, one of the key questions we consider is a wishlist: what should change, why and how?
  5. Breadth and depth of understanding: At MediaNama we are focused on providing our readers and attendees with both the depth and breadth of understanding of technology policy. We work hard to determine the probing questions that lend themselves to a deeper understanding of issues, discuss principles, and bring out perspectives that you might not have considered. You can ask questions too. Sometimes the questions are more important than an answer.

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MediaNama is the premier source of information and analysis on Technology Policy in India. More about MediaNama, and contact information, here.

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