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To advertise at MediaNama, please contact sales@medianama.com for updated rates, and/or Rakesh Bhatt at +91-2394-6185, +91-99906-26542.

About MediaNama

MediaNama is the premier source of detailed information and quality analysis on the Telecom and Digital Media business in India, and helps advertisers reach key decision makers from Internet, Telecom, Payments, Ecommerce, Classifieds, Video, News and Entertainment domains in India.

Business leaders seek relevant information and an authoritative perspective and analysis of developments, which in turn impacts their decision making. As an impartial observer of Digital businesses in India, our editorial integrity has earned us their trust. We offer you the opportunity to reach the right people, spending quality time with our publications.

Our Readers

CXOs from Internet, Payments, Mobile and Mobile VAS companies; Telecom operator VAS executives; Digital heads of Media companies, including TV & Print; Venture Capitalists and Private Equity Investors; Developers and Startups from the Internet and Mobile domain; Journalists and Bloggers; Industry Analysts and Consultants

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Testimonials  for MediaNama (in no particular order)

— Sanjeev Bikhchandani (Founder and Vice Chairman, Info Edge): “Great content and analysis, with an eye for detail and history of spotting the strategic issues that others often miss”

 Satyan Gajwani (CEO, Times Internet): “Medianama is one of my daily sources for news. Unlike many news outlets, which report what they are given, Medianama really applies thoughtful analysis and context to news events. Having done this for years, Nikhil and Medianama have become one of the main authorities for news in digital and media.”

— Hrush Bhatt (Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer) Cleartrip: “Medianama is a daily fix for me, my go-to destination for all the news and research relevant to the digital space.”

— Rajjat Barjatya (CEO and MD, Rajshri Media): “The credibility, knowledge base, consistency and insightful analysis that Nikhil and his team have built over the years are the reasons why I come back to Medianama every single day.”

— Vishal Gondal (CEO and Founder, Goqii): “MediaNama is the force and voice of the digital industry. Everyone who matters reads it. And if you don’t you don’t matter!”

— Vijay Shekhar Sharma (Founder, Paytm and One97): “Read and respected by the influential in the tech business, MediaNama is our go-to destination to deliver our important business messages.”

 Jonathan Bill (former SVP Business Development and Innovation, Vodafone India): “I read MediaNama because the level of thinking, authority and analysis behind their news and articles sets them dramatically apart from other sites in India.”

— Sunil Abraham (Executive Director, Centre for Internet and Society): “Just like Mad Magazine – Number One in a Field of One”

— Rohit Bhat (Founder and CEO, Robosoft): “My daily source of unbiased news and well researched report summaries on the telecom and digital space! I have nothing but utmost respect for the MediaNama team.”

— Sandeep Amar (COO, India.com): “Medianama has been a great source of quality content for digital industry. I am regular reader of Medianama – and have advertised to capture B2B audience multiple times. I think it offers great value to people who want to know about the Indian digital industry. In India, it is probably the only quality opinion portal on digital industry.”

— Mahesh Murthy, Founder Pinstorm: “For all the sceptics who still cast dark aspersions on the value of online publications, I have this to say: I read MediaNama more often than I read Business Standard, Financial Express, Business Today, Business World and Business World put together. And so do many people I know.”

— Vishwas Patel (Founder and CEO, CC Avenues): “Medianama is sought out by majority of e-commerce entrepreneurs, technology start-ups and consumers as the website of first choice for information, debate and deliberation of E-Commerce/M-Commerce industry issues in India.. Our relationship with Medianama value-adds to our Company as a major player of eCommerce Payments in India.”

 Durga Raghunath (Former CEO, FirstPost): “Having read it from virtually the day it launched, Medianama is a source I trust for everything on digital in India. Its strong voice and relentless pursuit of the ‘other story’, has helped make sense of a lot of our cluttered, evolving market.

— Yashish Dahiya (Founder & CEO, PolicyBazaar.com): “I still remember when we launched, and were first reported on Medianama, to all the interesting times growing amidst regulations. Medianama has always had the incisive coverage on our sector

— Kunal Bahl (Founder and CEO, Snapdeal): “Readers looking for cerebral, attention to detail oriented and objective analysis will find Medianama an oasis of knowledge and news.”

— Ranjan Reddy (VP & Country Head- India, Boku ) “There are many sources of news out there, but the journey between reading news and forming a view is a crucial one, and that journey is incomplete without Medianama for me. It’s perhaps the only relevant publisher that has a specific voice and values, which manifests in their brilliant analysis and reportage every single day.”

— Ankur Warikoo (India – ‎Head, Groupon APAC Emerging Markets): “Medianama to me stands for honest, factual, analytical technology reporting. It’s my daily dose of unbiased news and views on events that matter. Something rarely found in today’s journalistic environment.”

MediaNama is the premier source of information and analysis on Technology Policy in India. More about MediaNama, and contact information, here.

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