Krafton, PUBG Corporation’s parent company, has signed a deal with Microsoft Azure to host its multi-platform games, including popular game PUBG, the company announced last week. The development comes months after the game was banned in India — along with 117 other Chinese apps — for allegedly being a national security and privacy threat.

It is possible that this with this deal, the company is trying to allay some of India’s fears, and that is evident from its pitch: “With privacy and data security being a top priority for KRAFTON, the company will be working with Microsoft to ensure personal data protection through Azure,” Krafton said in a statement. “The collaboration will ensure that privacy rights are respected and relevant software will be in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations”.

Krafton will also work with Microsoft to “introduce a verification process to ensure that storage of personally identifiable information of its players follows all appropriate requirements”, it added. Before the ban, the game was hosted on Tencent’s cloud, per a TechCrunch report, and days after the ban, the PUBG Corporation had taken over the publishing responsibilities of PUBG from Tencent Games in India.

TechCrunch had earlier reported that the hit game — which discontinued operations in India on October 30 — was looking at a potential re-entry into the market. PUBG Corporation has informed a few Indian game streamers that it was expecting to resume the game before the end of this year, TechCrunch reported.

So far, the Indian government has banned more than 200 apps of Chinese origin, including PUBG and TikTok, over national security concerns. The bans followed tensions between Indian and Chinese troops at the border.

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