We missed this earlier: In a relief to some Net 4 India customers, NIXI will not cancel the validity of .in domain names purchased from Net 4 that are due to expire in 2020, PTI first reported on September 29. Over the last few months, many people who bought domain names from Net 4 have been struggling as the company reels under bankruptcy proceedings; customers of Net 4 have been unable to migrate their domains to other companies, and risk losing access to their websites.

Domain names like medianama.com are sold by domain name registrars like Net 4, which obtain the rights to do so from registries like Verisign (for .com domains) and the National Internet Exchange of India (or NIXI, for .in domains). In the last few weeks, Net 4 has, amidst insolvency proceedings, been silent in response to queries from customers who have been unable to renew or transfer domains.

Disclosure: MediaNama also has domains under management by Net 4 that it is unable to transfer.

According to a blog post by by cyberlaw consultant Vijayashankar “Naavi” Nagarajarao on October 1, the following email has been circulating among Net 4 users:

NIXI has stared permitting end users of .IN Domain to migrate to other registrars (other than Net 4 India).

NIXI has decided not to discontinue the .IN Services for those .IN domain end users whose renewal is due till December, 2020

For Name server update, end users may send mails to following email ids to avail direct services (without help of Net4 India)
i. techsupport@registry.in
ii. registry@nixi.in
iii. rajiv@nixi.in

We were able to verify this policy from NIXI tech support. Naavi, who has been working with other Net 4 customers, told MediaNama that “auth codes”, which allow users to switch from one registrar to another, are now being provided to users who have .in domains directly by NIXI. We have reached out to NIXI for information on how many transfers it has authorised. Other domains, such as .com, are still not being transferred for the embattled registrar’s users, per Naavi.

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